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Featured Projects

Roche Diagnostics - Indianapolis, IN

The Roche Learning and Development Center is located in Indianapolis, and features a vast network of sub-floor water piping. TraceTek has been chosen as the monitoring solution. This system will consist of almost 5000 ft. of TT1100-OHP strapped directly at the 6 O'Clock position on the sub-floor water piping. TraceTek's TT-TS-12 touch screen panel will be monitoring 19 field mounted sensor interface modules, or TraceTek channels as we refer to them. This creates a highly sophisticated system that is ready to detect any leak at its origin, locate it, and help initiate a quick response to minimize damages and downtime.

Meldahl Hydroelectric Plant - Foster, KY

American Municipal Power has constructed an energy creating monster right on the banks of the Ohio River, just a few miles Southeast of our offices. Water is a necessary resource for this site, so water detection is not needed here. However, like many important facilities, backup generator power is necessary. To feed these generators, there are supply and return lines transferring fuel from an underground storage tank into the room's day tanks, and ultimately feeding the generators. TraceTek has been installed inside the interstitial space of this double walled piping system to not only alert in the event of a carrier pipe leak, but also locate it. Location is the key to the solution, as demolishing 5 linear feet of concrete to fix a broken pipe is much easier than 120 linear feet.